It's hard to spot excessive online play. People may underestimate the time and money they spend playing online games. Minimizing, hiding, or denying the problem's severity is it. Play responsibly

Time and money should be recorded for our services. If it hurts your finances or personal life, stop.

  • Playing these games shouldn't cost anything.
  • Additional play won't make up for prior losses.
  • Talk to relatives and friends before taking any action.
  • It's difficult to win a lost game.
  • Entertainment costs should be budgeted.
  • You can limit spending using a timer.
  • Moderately playing for amusement helps.
  • You should do more than just internet gaming for fun.
  • Avoid spending more time or money than you can afford. We must cooperate to play appropriately.

The Responsible Gaming Policy and Terms and Conditions explain reckless behavior's potential losses. Playing this game can lead to addiction or financial risk. Responsible play is crucial.


Players must be 18 or older as this game might involve financial risk. Be careful and play responsibly. It may be addictive or hazardous. For additional assistance, please contact us at

Fantasy cricket games at Dream Squad 11 can only be played by people over the age of 18. They ought to be aware that participating in fantasy cricket games carries a financial risk.