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You can withdraw your winning amount from your Dream Squad 11 account as soon as it gets added to your wallet when you win any contest.

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Registering yourself at Dream Squad 11 is quick and easy. Dream Squad 11 allows users above the age of 18 to register and start participating in the contests.

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Playing fantasy cricket is 100% legal as it is considered a game of skill. However, you should agree to the Terms of Use before participating in any contest.

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Dream Squad 11 provides the best User-Interface and User Experience, allowing users to profit handsomely from their gaming expertise. When participating in fantasy cricket leagues, we always ensure that our customers have the best possible experience. Fans can compete with other fans, build their very own virtual team out of actual players from upcoming games, and earn points based on how well they perform on the field.

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Our mission is to shape the game and provide a platform where anyone can play and acquire the skills necessary to become a champion.


The vision of Dream Squad 11 is to create the cricket dreams of every Indian fan come true through the platform.


The goal is to bring people's love of cricket to a whole new level by introducing them to Dream Squad 11. We strive to provide the best dream sports benefits to all cricket fans.

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Downloads from Dream Squad 11 are staggering. Currently, there are over 100K downloads.

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Dream Squad 11 has become a favorite among sports enthusiasts, as evidenced by many active users.

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The availability of a plethora of daily contests is one of the key attractions of Dream Squad 11.

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Join a vast community of cricket enthusiasts and demonstrate your fantasy cricket talents to millions of other players.

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The commitment we have to fairness and transparency sets us apart. Our system of scoring is based on the real-life performance of players, which means that all of the matches are played fairly and unbiasedly. It's time to unleash your inner fantasy cricket player to show off your skills, compete with other fans, and discover new ones as we bring you on an unforgettable fantasy cricket adventure.

Analyzing player statistics, pitch conditions, and team dynamics will test your cricket knowledge and intuition. Our platform provides you with the real-time updates and in-depth player profiles you need to make informed decisions and remain ahead of the competition. Trust your intuition, make astute transfers, and you will emerge victorious in fantasy cricket. Join our exciting fantasy cricket league and feel the rush of building your ideal squad to compete against other cricket fans.

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  • Figuring out the player's exhibition
  • Knowing the pitch execution
  • Determine which players are participating
  • Work out the expense
  • Avoid playing every game
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Fantasy cricket is a game of skill in which users can select their playing XI for forthcoming matches and win real money if their side performs well. Here, you create a team of 11 players from a pool of 22 to 30 players, with your knowledge of those players serving as the foundation for constructing your fantasy club.
Yes, You can withdraw your cash wins via bank transfer or UPI. It is important that you understand that you will not be able to get any of the money out of your bonus wallet. Only for participation in monetary competitions can the bonus sum be utilized.
The Supreme Court of India has ruled that it is allowed to play fantasy cricket in India for both real money and for free. However, cash games are prohibited in the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Keeping up with the most recent cricket developments and events is necessary for constructing a strong fantasy team. Additionally, choose your captain and vice-captain with care, as they might score you a lot of points.
To win a fantasy cricket league, you must have skill, patience, and practice. A winning team requires a thoughtful selection of players. Having knowledge of the pitch report, player statistics, historical records, and head-to-head matchups can strengthen your team selection and allow you to design a successful side.
Yes, playing fantasy games on Dream Squad 11 is completely secure. Dream Squad 11 employs top-tier security features and encryption to guarantee that players enjoy a completely safe and secure gaming environment.

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Fantasy cricket games at Dream Squad 11 can only be played by people over the age of 18. They ought to be aware that participating in fantasy cricket games carries a financial risk.